Help desk e Technical Support

The presence of CDM Group Enterprise Solution both in Europe and China, ensures the post go-live support both of first and second level and software vendor Infor support.

This guarantees an absolute cover of the support required by the companies after the implementation. This means not only help during daily activities (both with remote control and on site at the customer’s offices/factory), but also a satisfactory use of China ERP system in the continuing improvement processes.

For the technical support and the Help Desk, CDM proposes his customers two alternative solutions: a centralized system with applicative server in Europe and a decentralized one with server in China.


Another unique CDM Tecnoconsulting service is WAS (Web Access Support) based on web, one portal for all the problems of the customers granting immediate and complete information and transparency for the customer, who is always well informed on the problems and proper solution.

The system can manage and order the different help demands, entered directly by the customer, and grant that the questions are solved as soon as possible in the most competent way.