The implementing methods proposed in CDM Tecnoconsulting projects are combined with the capability and flexibility to find the most appropriate solutions to the processes and customer’s needs.

The final aim of the proposed implementing methods is to reach the desired object granting the maximum ‘knowledge transfer’ to all the customer’s staff.

The project is organized starting from the model and the best practice of the DEM (Dynamic Enterprise Modeler), an instrument integrated in the ERP solution which transfers the entrepreneurial processes and procedures in a flow chart representing the company inside the software itself.

The project method allows defining and implementing the processes and the company’s functions starting from a pre-constituted model, documented through the process definition instruments (DEM), which can be modified and adjusted to the real needs of the delocalized branch whether it is a simple trade company or an enterprise with sales, planning, production, accounting processes and so on.

The phases of the implementing method are the following:

  • Phase 1: Layout: formalization of the Steering Committee (project team) and formalization of the roles, definition of the company’s aim, definition of the detailed project plan and resource loads.
  • Phase 2: Process model: definition of the business processes of the customer and possible adjustments of the processes.
  • Phase 3: Function Design: formalization of the BluePrint, which should be approved by Key-user and Steering Committee.
  • Phase 4: China ERP Ready: Input or migration of data from the previous system and preparation of the new one
  • Phase 5: User’s Training and Start: training of key users and system start