Roll Out

Many of our international customers are already using our ERP solution in Italy where CDM defined a business model based on the Infor ERP Ln solution which can be used as a reference for introducing the ERP system in China.

The use of already existing processes allows simplifying the project and unifying the working method of the several branches around the world.
roll-out is not only a translation of the Italian system into the Chinese one. The different legal and local requirements impose an adaptation process.
Our experience in localization projects allows us to apply processes ensuring a high acceptance of the ERP system in China.

CHINA Erp is the business model studied by CDM for meeting the following needs:

  • Best Practice for organizational models
  • Defined and clear project outlines
  • Reduced times of implementation
  • Proper economic investments
  • Modularity
  • Efficacy
  • Answer to the needs of the Chinese companies:
    • Branch dimensions
    • Turnover
    • Supervision of the mother company